Measures of environmental sustainability

Measures of environmental sustainability

Water & towels

Our hotel strives to offer a high level service that allows a comfortable and pleasant stay. At the same time, we are concerned about minimizing the impact on the natural resources that produce tons of detergent and millions of liters of water that are used every day to wash sheets and towels that have been used only once, so that the bedding and Towels are only changed every two days for guests who stay more than one night.

However, if you wish to have your towels changed after being used, we ask that you leave them on the bathroom floor.

Soap shampoo

On the other hand, as one more way to contribute to the reduction of pollution and care of the environment, Hotel Rey Don Felipe has implemented the use of soap and shampoo dispensers in sinks and showers in contribution to such objectives. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration in this crusade.

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