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FIRST: The relations arising from housing and / or services that guests receive at this facility will be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil, Commercial and health, for the uses and customs of the place and, in particular, by the provisions of these rules.

SECOND: The guest has an inescapable obligation to register upon entering the establishment, personally filling the registration form will be provided.

THIRD: The guest must be specified in the registration form, the number of days or duration of their stay. The term shall be considered a day at 12:00 hours each day. The host that the day of departure vacates the room after the deadline set forth above, shall be liable to pay an extra day's stay or late check out.

FOURTH: It is the obligation of timely paying guest accommodation has derived and other services used, as soon as it will be presented by the establishment.

The price of accommodation and other services correspond to the rates published by the hotel promptly and payment in advance may be required from the time of registration of the passenger, notwithstanding that no further use of the room is done.

FIFTH: It is especially forbidden to host cause annoying noise inside the room; introducing animals on the premises; preparing food in the room; Smoking in rooms and common areas, and in general, perform any act that bother or disturb other hotel guests.

SIXTH: the guest must leave the room key at the front desk every time you leave the property. You can not stay in your room to different people registered, and in any case it shall give prior notice to the administration regarding any change to experience the number or identification of persons protected by its registration.

SEVENTH: For your added safety, the establishment offers each guest a safe room to save your own risk their values, jewelry and other goods it deems appropriate.

The company is not liable for damage, deterioration or damage suffered by the goods brought by guests to the property, nor for vehicles that are stored in the parking lot when those resulting from acts of God, force majeure, defects of the same species or from acts attributable to the host itself or visitors, or anyone outside the staff.

EIGHT: When the host is absent for more than 48 hours without notice to the reception, this may terminate the hosting is prevented as in the following article.

NINTH: luggage and other goods that enter the host in the establishment shall be considered the property of the person making the record and respond to all debts for hosting and other services cause people included on the register.

TENTH: The hotel does not allow access to the rooms to anyone who has not been expressly authorized by the respective host and must be verified his identity and income recorded in any case, the hotel reserves the right to disallow room visits.

Persons serving as representatives of the hotel have free access to the rooms occupied by guests, to fulfill the functions that are specific or provisions of this regulation.

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