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Sustainability policy

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Sustainability policy

As a hotel we are aware of the need to relate and care for our environment and sociocultural environment, looking for a harmonious integration that guarantees a better quality of life and quality service, sustainable and sustainable over time. For this reason, we focus on the efficient management of the following:


  • Energy efficiency through implementation of energy efficient lighting.
  • Thermally efficient construction elements which control and reduce heat loss.
  • Encourage our guests in savings in water consumption.
  • Minimize possible waste and encourage reuse and recycling of packaging.
  • Use biodegradable hygiene products and cleaning.
  • Take steps to reduce energy consumption.


  • Prioritize local producers and distributors.
  • Promote respect and acculturation in our guests by the local cultural resource.
  • Promote the historical, architectural and local cultural heritage as a leading tourist destination element.
  • Generate economic benefits for the local community
  • Measure and update goals and objectives.
  • Review and adapt management to the reality environment.

Hotel Rey Don Felipe
Punta Arenas, November 2006