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Our Company

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Our vision

Achieving strong and sustained leadership in the hotel establishments of Magellan, by constantly supplied with simplicity and effectiveness of services of the highest quality, offered by a professional team, highly motivated and willingness to host.

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Our mission

Providing hotel services of excellence and quality, pursuing the total satisfaction of our guests and valuation of workers. We seek to contribute to our community, inspired by the warmth, the warmth and the Regional historic cultural heritage.

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Our values

"Commitment to service, commitment and integrity, developed with passion and transparency, reinforced by a constant and direct communication that allows the generation of trust between workers and company and between customers and our brand."

Quality politics

In the hotel Rey Don Felipe, we initiate a process of continuous improvement covering absolutely the needs and expectations of our guests service purpose.

So we've established an adequate and appropriate relationship between resources and benefits, training and involving employees and suppliers, so that there is always motivation and overall responsibility for the effective achievement of a high quality service and continuous improvement.

Our interest is to ensure the highest level of satisfaction to our guests, for which permanently keep us busy in giving workers the Hotel the best training and technical resources available and affordable.

We will strive to always keep:

• constant evaluation of procedures and performance.
• Concern for a work environment with stimuli and promotion policies that allow personal and professional development.
• Ongoing review of our management systems and quality control.
• effective assessment models.
• Attention to detect the needs and requirements of the host, anticipating the appearance of disagreements.
• A high reactivity, to always give a quick, constructive, positive and fully satisfying guests and members of the organization response.
• Develop skills to enable our workers delegating responsibility and self-control.
• Develop and use an internal communication system, as an active transmission channel between all levels of the organization.
• To reject child labor and sexual exploitation in all its forms, in every person, gender or age, and especially affects children.